Cathy J./ Parent
Sunny enjoyed learning dance at TYSOD this summer. I am so glad to see that Sunny conquered her shyness and showed her confidence when she was performing in front of people. She has been a very shy girl. 

We are grateful to have the scholarship to continue dancing there, because my family is experiencing tough time. We have been out of work for one year. If we do not have the scholarship, we would not consider the dance class in this fall and this will delay Sunny‘s growth in dancing.  

We are appreciated all your efforts to help kids to dance. The wonderful dancing class will always remain in kids’ memory.

Sandra D./ Parent
Thanks for the information. Anthony got registered to start dance lessons from September 08, 2010 to May 2011. Thank you so much!!! We are so proud of him and it's because of caring people like you who made a huge difference in our son's life. Both my husband Bob and I are very thankful for the opportunity that Anthony had a JV Outreach.

Anthony D. / Student
My name is Anthony Ditarento and I was a part of the JV Outreach program for the summer. I feel that dancing means happiness. It means leaving all of your worries and stresses behind and moving until you drop. It also means expression. You express how you feel if you dance to dance and not to show off. If you’re happy, you dance great, but if you’re upset you don’t dance as good. This program helped me stay in great shape. It helped me make new friends and opened future opportunities for me. It taught me great steps on the kind of music my culture dances to (Latin dance). Thank you JV Outreach for the opportunity of letting me dance in front of good people.

Mahdis  /Student
I love to dance! Since I was a little girl I wanted to dance my whole life. I used to take dance classes every day with my friends, and when it was time to go I would get so sad that my teacher would let me stay for another half hour. After moving to U.S.A. my parents didn't have the money to send me to any dance classes which made me so angry. After 2 years we moved to Roswell and I went to HBMS. When I heard about this program I felt like I have everything that I want in this world. Even though I’m not with my friends, it’s still very fun and I look forward to it all week long. I think our dance teacher Joby is very fun and I enjoy working with her. She has a really good personality and I hope one day I can be like her and help teenagers fallow their dreams and express their feelings by dancing. A special thanks to all the people out there who are supporting this program and I hope it will last forever.

Deidre M. Teacher Holcomb Bridge Middle School
JV Outreach has held classes at Holcomb Bridge Middle School for two years. It is so exciting to see the new young faces each time the program begins, beaming with expectancy. The first year, there was so much interest that we had to have a waiting list! The program continues to attract a diverse group of students. JV Outreach gives kids who love to dance a chance to express themselves and make friends with others who share their interest. And it does all of that at no cost to the school or to the students. The students at Holcomb Bridge have benefited greatly from the program. Students who participated in the club last year cultivated lasting friendships with other JV Outreach members. The kids also gain a mentor in the dance instructor. The instructors are very interactive with the kids, and the kids look up to them. The program is a place where kids can come and everyone is on an equal playing field. No one feels not appreciated or not wanted. Other concerns are eliminated. It is all about dance! Participating in the program also helps kids learn how to work in a team, and help each other perform at their best. It has been a privilege to have the program here for the last two years. As the faculty sponsor at Holcomb Bridge, I thank you for your support in keeping this program alive.