Coco Cabana August 2016 (click link for video)


Wisdom Got Talent event - JV Outreach Dancers Hip Hop routine 




2016 Summer at Tolbert Yimaz School of Dance (click links for video)

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Salsa Performance - choreographed by Emi Murata

Hip Hop Performance - choreographed by Arron Davidson


BURN THE FLOOR FUNDRAISER OCTOBER 2015 (click links for videos)

Salsa performance by JV Outreach Dancers

Cha Cha performance with Dare2Dance ladies

Latin Fusion & Hip Hop Mix with Hailey & Austin

Cha Cha performance with Chloe & Rafael Avanzini

Hip Hop performed and choreographed by one of our JV dancers Austin Smith

Thank you to our awesome teachers!!

Thank you to our Sponsors!!


Run or Dye 5k May 2014

rod-website-image (click on image to see more phots)



ReMixx at Dancefx learning Tango, Hip-Hop & more

remixx-tango-thumbnail (click on photo to see more)

Hotlanta Salsa Congress 2012 (click on photo to see all)

Street Studio Roswell/Jimmy Rumba Labor Day Block Party 2012 
(click here to see video)

Festival Peachtree Latino 2012 at Piedmont Park (click on photo to see all)

JV Outreach Dancers perform at Roswell Cultural Arts Center
-Marissa & Anthony perform Tango/Salsa routine choreographed by Sorin Obreja.
(click here for video)
-Shaniya, Joya, Marissa, Royal & Anthony perform Hip-Hop routine choreographed by Je'Von McFarland  (click here for video) 

October 2011 Fundraiser at French American Brasserie (click on photo to see all)

April 24th Dance4LifeAtl premiere

Academy_Ballroom_April_24_2010-Premiere_006 Academy_Ballroom_April_24_2010-Premiere_001 Academy_Ballroom_April_24_2010-Premiere_003 Academy_Ballroom_April_24_2010-Premiere_003 Academy_Ballroom_April_24_2010-Premiere_005  Academy_Ballroom_April_24_2010-Premiere_007 Academy_Ballroom_April_24_2010-Premiere_008 Academy_Ballroom_April_24_2010-Premiere_002

Academy_Ballroom_April_24_2010-Premiere_012 Academy_Ballroom_April_24_2010-Premiere_013  Academy_Ballroom_April_24_2010-Premiere_009

Academy_Ballroom_April_24_2010-Premiere_015Academy_Ballroom_April_24_2010-Premiere_016 Academy_Ballroom_April_24_2010-Premiere_014

Academy_Ballroom_April_24_2010-Premiere_018 Academy_Ballroom_April_24_2010-Premiere_020 Academy_Ballroom_April_24_2010-Premiere_021 


March 27, 2010 Sheila's Salsa Social Academy Ballroom:

2009 pictures

wallerparkspring2009     Tolbert JV Outreach

Tolbert Hip Hop JV Outreach June 2009